Welcome Back Everyone!

While I know that we are virtually meeting for at least the first 9 weeks, we are all still super excited about being with you again!


We are planning the upcoming year and wanted you to know that we are currently planning for at least 2 virtual concerts (Fall and Winter) which should be awesome! These concerts will be mixed and fixed so that we are all on the same page and your parents will be able to see you!


We are also planning to do something new this year called Senior Student Spotlight which will be a tribute to all of our Seniors and should make all of them feel special because each of them ARE special


While we will not be planning a Spring Trip this year for obvious reasons, the minute that they let us, we will do a big trip (everybody is included!) to Universal Studios in Orlando! Most likely, the earliest it will be is Spring 2022 but, that’ll be here before you know it!


The only fundraiser that we are planning as of right now is our merchandise sales and we are going to be selling Grassfield Orchestra Masks! Let us know if you have any ideas!