Winter Concert


December 9, 2021

We are dedicating tonight’s performances to the memory of Dr. Shawn Roberts.
Please join us in celebrating his life and supporting the family he left behind.

Shawn Roberts
Our orchestra community lost an incredible mentor, teacher, musician and friend. Dr. Shawn Roberts served as Orchestra Director and PE / Related Arts Lead Teacher at Passage Middle School before becoming Festival Director at Music in the Parks in Newport News, Virginia.

Shawn leaves behind his wife and ten kids. He was the primary breadwinner of the family, so we are asking our Grassfield Orchestra family to donate to help with expenses as they navigate their recent loss.

All donations for this GoFundMe fundraiser will go to the Shawn’s wife and children. GOPA will not keep any of the funds.



Boreas – The Cold, North Wind

Todd Parrish

Five Ukranians in a Bell Tower


Ethan Chang – Violin
Angie Nguyen – Violin
Laura Shedd – Viola
Anslie Goff – Cello

Boughs of Holly

Trans Siberian Orchestra

Sophie Ocampo – Cello
Emily Goodman – Bass Guitar
Ethan Chang – Electric Violin
Heidi Marle – Piano



Christmas Comes Again… In About Three Minutes


Somewhere in My Memory – Theme from Home Alone

John Williams

Maia Timm – Student Conductor
Cate Deguzman – Piano

Christmas Eve Sarajevo

Arr. Casey Williams

Isobel Evans- Violin
Riley Brown – Cello
Gavin Gabel – Electric Guitar
Heidi Marle – Piano



The 3-Minute Nutcracker

Tchaikovsky Arr. Conley

The Polar Express

Silvestri Arr. Lavender

The Glory of Christmas

Arr. Leavitt

Wizards in Winter

Arr. Casey Wiliams

The 3-Minute Nutcracker

Samantha Warner – Magician Extraordinaire

The Amazing Musical Quartet of Miss Sarah Boone
Miss Sarah Boone – Vocals
Miss Heidi Marle – Piano
Mr. Orion Burke – Bass
Mr. Jordan Norman – Drums

Special Thanks to Mr. Jordan Norman for playing drums, and for Mr. Keith Dublin and Miss Megan Neumann for assisting on percussion

Freshman Orchestra


Ethan Chang – Concertmaster
Bianca Rivera – Assistant Concertmaster
Angie Nguyen – Concertmaster
Ava Fox – Assistant Concertmaster
Peter Wright
Caroline Kuskowski
Jack Evans
Addison Steadele
Easton Tatasciore
Molly Casey
Nik Miner
Nate Herzog
Owen Stutz
Aidan Viar


Tara Schmidt – Principal
Aaron Gonzalez
Viktoria Glebocki – Principal 
Loralye Stevenson
Melody Fadaka
Jacob Scaife
Kaylee Buell
Joey Leach
Kaylyn Euhus
Micaella Roddy
Julianna Babcock
Esther Scweighardt



Laura Shedd – Principal
Sophia Ocampo
Chaewon Kang – Principal
Allannah Rivera
Kennedy Reid
Makayla Sprull
Morrigan Roddy
Kayla Wilt-Abbott



Anslie Goff – Principal
Riley Cooke – Assistant
Jordyn Olexy – Principal
Emily Goodman – Assistant
Aidan Rafter
Breanna Luhia
Adriana Whitaker-Chavis
Daykne Braun
Alex Sammataro
Linas Pflanz
Anastasia Clawson
Nikkhia Watson



Reese Avery – Principal
Keegan Richardson – Principal


Concert Orchestra


Isobel Evans – Concertmaster
Cate Deguzman
Atinuke Kazeem – Concertmaster
George Ehrsam
John Boone – Concertmaster
Colin Deguzman
Riley Dugan
Lindsay Walker
Skylar Brown
Kyle Episcope
Jen Kemp
Noah Lampman
William Patton
Caiden Anderson
Sarah Boone
Meghan Bennett
Katie Dowd
Hunter Jones
Nevaeh Lee
Charlotte Lewter
Colin Matthews
Roman Nichols
Madelyn Osborne
Ben Porter
Elijah Bien Rafanan
Valentina Zacchia


Jolene Griffin – Principal
Hannah Munley
Tobi Ojo – Principal
Kierstyn Brescia
Khari McNeil – Principal
Michelle Densten
Aja Williams
Noelle Braun
Reagan Miller
Laura Mulch
Toby Hickey
Anne Marie Griffith
Tyler Miller
Octavia Gallop
Logan Olexy
Callie Gionis
Noah Parker
Ryland Thornhill
Zander Curl
Emma Smith
Heidi Lowery
Gabrielle Amerson
Aria Griffin
Mia Munley
Michael Schleigh
Katrina Joy Cortez
Xia Parkes
Brenden Hines
Kayleigh Hoffer
Gabriel Holsinger
Alexander Marquett
Tavia Moffatt-Nemethy
Lindsey Ridgewell
Tessa Wunder
Kaya Washington



Tabitha Bright – Principal
Selma Coghlan
Autumn Longley – Principal
Joshua Wright
Carmen Kearney – Principal
Camila Griffith
Austin Schaffer
Jaden Floyd
Abigail Shelhorse
Chris Banks
Aaliyah Robinson
Ally Harris
Laila Payton
Niyah Holmes
Vince Torres
Griffen Kinsey
Hayden Taylor
Maia Timm
Kaiden Wilson
Taylor Fox
Mariella Manipol


Edward Seawood – Principal
Wynona Patton
Elliot Bruce – Principal
Stephen Smith
Riley Brown – Principal
Gavin Gabel
Lauren Whitlow
Emma Zieg
Joe Carpenter
Daniel Anzures-Sanchez
Maureen Keller
Dominique Alexander
Adrian Drotar
Danielle Stacy
Ethan Gaylor
Oliver Fontenault
Ezra Mann-Thompson
Ari Timm
Savannah Seed
Mason Cerezo
Khaleb Long
Evan Cardona
Loreena Manser
Justin Kuhlmann
Tatiana Luhia
Alex Matte
Antonio Rouson
Nicholas Smith
Landon Torio
Violet Fletcher
Ronan Green
Christian Smith
Nicholas Wiktorowski
Waylen Biancardi



Jackson Short – Principal
Kelly Thompson
Kennedy Tomas
Ella Breshears
Anjola Taiwo
Juana Kemp Leon
Logan Darling
Andrew Kubovcik


Chamber Orchestra


Maia Timm – Concertmaster
Thomas Sunderland – Assistant Concertmaster
Gabby Ching
Camryn Atwood
Joshua Fournier 


Heidi Marle – Principal
Noah Wagner – Assistant
Riley Leeman
Logan Cerezo
Tatiana Fisher



Tommy Belesimo – Principal
Alex Huang – Assistant
Olivia Heizer
Joshua Rodarmel 
Livia Norris
Nicole Richardson
AJ Whitney
Matthew Kinlaw



Susanna Shedd – Principal
James Heyer – Assistant
Grey Sarvis
Danella Romera
Samantha Warner



Ethan Trie – Principal
Diego Rivera – Assistant


Performance groups

We have two performance groups that engage with the public and play regularly outside of the high school. Both can be found performing at special events and celebrations throughout the Hampton Roads area.


Sarah Boone – Vocals
Matthew Kinlaw – Viola
Abigail Shelhorse – Keys
Heidi Marle – Keys
Tommy Belesimo – Viola
Bianca Rivera – Violin
Caroline Kuskowski – Violin
Michael Chumura – Drums
Sophie Ocampo – Guitar
Emily Goodman – Bass Guitar
Danella Romera – Cello


Maia Timm – Violin
Thomas Sunderland – Violin
Tommy Belesimo – Viola
Susanna Shedd – Cello



COncert staff

Mr. V

Steve Vutsinas


Mr. V

Orion Burke


Maia Timm

Maia Timm


We’d Like Recognize the following individuals for their continued support

Chesapeake Public Schools Administrators

Mr. Michael Perez – Principal, Grassfield High School

Mrs. Beth Pallister – Assistant Principal for Instruction, Grassfield High School

Ms. Helen Sapieka – 9th Grade Assistant Principal, Grassfield High School

Mr. Sylvester Freeman – 10th Grade Assistant Principal, Grassfield High School

Mrs. Kellie Collins – 11th Grade Assistant Principal, Grassfield High School

Mr. Matt Fulford, 12th Grade Assistant Principal, Grassfield High School

Dr. Jared Cotton – Superindendent of Schools, Chesapeake Public Schools

Dr. John Chenault – Music Supervisor, Chesapeake Public Schools

Grassfield Orchestra Parents Association Board Members

Mr. Kirk Thompson – President

Mrs. Jessica Boone – Vice President

Mrs. Zoe Norris – Treasurer

Mrs. Melissa Williams – Secretary


Our Orchestras

Freshman Orchestra

Our Freshman Orchestra consists of 9th graders from 7 middle schools located all around Chesapeake Public Schools. Freshman Orchestra is the starting place of nearly all students in the program and is where Mr. V lays foundations for the following 3 years for students going into both the concert and chamber orchestras.

Concert Orchestra

120 students strong, the Concert Orchestra is the largest performing group in the Grassfield Program. Concert is a non-audition group and is where freshman not interested in Chamber are placed automatically. Despite its size, Concert Orchestra consistently scores with superiors at assessments.

Chamber Orchestra

The Chamber Orchestra is the audition only group that performs collegiate level music. Consistently receiving superiors at assessment, Chamber has musicians aspiring to continue their studies throughout college. In 2021, Chamber was chosen to play in a demonstration for the VMEA conference in Norfolk.